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New Family Needs

~ Doula ~
~ Education~
 ~ Lactation~
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~ Doula Mentorships ~
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Support for mind, body, & spirit

Serving families within about 20 miles of Needham, MA, USA

Virtual Support available for any location.

New Family Needs Services


Birth/Newborn educators provide guidance, information and materials about pregnancy, labor, birth, newborns, postpartum and more to help guide you through this time of wonder and change.

New Parent Groups

We create communities of parents with new babies so you can connect, learn, celebrate, commiserate and support each other.

Postpartum Doula Support

Postpartum Doulas help you and your new family in those challenging first days, weeks, and months after bringing home a new baby.

Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding Specialists help guide and support you with this important and sometimes challenging part of new parenthood.


About Me - Hilary Witcher (she/her)

Pregnancy, childbirth and new babies have been my passion since I first found out I was pregnant over 15 years ago. My birth and postpartum experiences - both wonderful and challenging - fed my spirit and inspired me to give back to other new parents. This passion has stayed with me through the years as I've worked with families and my own children have grown. I have both LIVED and LEARNED experience with pregnancy, birth, postpartum, new parenthood and newborns. My enthusiasm for helping people paired with my love for all things related to new family needs, fits perfectly with the work I do.

I trained with DONA International for both Birth and Postpartum Doula support and am currently certified as a Postpartum Doula with DONA. I also certified as a Breastfeeding Specialist through Lactation Education Resources. Further, I am a La Leche League leader with La Leche League International.


I am excited to help you and your family along your journey of parenthood in an open, non-judgmental manner. From pregnancy through birth and beyond, my support, knowledge, and experience can help you become the parents you know you can be. I would love to help ease the many transitions that a new baby can bring, help you build confidence in your abilities, and provide support for all your new family needs. I look forward to supporting you along this joyful, exciting, and amazing adventure! 

I am here to help YOU, Expecting and New Parents, to feel sure of yourselves in your roles by showing you your own innate intelligence and that of your new baby. I am excited to teach you the basics, the truths, and the skills to confidently prepare for, enter, and beautifully navigate postpartum and new parenthood. 

New Family Needs supports and accepts ALL family types of ALL identities. I understand that everyone has their own story, background, struggles, celebrations, family makeups, goals and aspirations. I am here for YOU as you are right now and I'm excited to support you as you grow into the parent(s) you're meant to be! 

You are strong, capable and were made to do this! Instead of saying new parents are in the weeds, let's say new parents are in the Wildflowers. Because this journey is both wild and beautiful. 

Check out my article featured in The BBW Buzz! 

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"Hilary is a natural-born doula! She was a great support for me and my husband, always taking initiatives to be helpful. With her we had the intimate, joy-filled, worshipful, peaceful birth experience we always wanted!!"

~ Raina J.

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