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Doula: (Noun)

Women who once supported other women during labor, birth, and postpartum throughout history. Our culture often lacks this organic foundation, so a doula picks up where our society has left off.

New Family Needs Services


As your birth Doula, I will be with you continuously during labor, birth and immediate postpartum period. My role is to hold this sacred event in a safe space for you by providing non-judgmental support, while remaining present solely to encourage you through this incredible journey. I can provide companionship, evidence-based information, and emotional and physical comfort. One of my main roles is assisting in adopting comfort measures to ease the way through the birthing process. Ideas may include soothing touch, position suggestions, movement, relaxation, rhythm, and ritual, breath work, partner bonding, hydrotherapy, nourishment etc. Immediately after the birth, I am there for support while you nurture and bond with your new baby while helping with initial breastfeeding as well, if desired. 


As your Postpartum Doula, I will be with you to help you and your new family in those first days, weeks or months after bringing home a new baby by providing non-judgmental physical and emotional support, companionship, and evidence-based information. As a Postpartum Doula, I am trained in assisting with support and education around infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from birth, coping and postpartum adjustment skills for new parents, parent – baby bonding, infant soothing, basic newborn care, and other light household tasks. I will work with you and your family individually to determine your particular needs and will always keep your parenting style in mind, as you know best what works for your family and your baby.


Breastfeeding specialists can help guide and support you with this natural, important, but sometimes challenging part of new motherhood. While more difficult situations may require a fully-licenced lactation consultant, many doulas like myself will work with you to provide guidance, assurances, and make the process as relaxing as possible. I will also help you with methods for making sure you and your child are able to regularly, comfortably, and successfully complete this important bond with one another. In addition, there are many things a new mother needs to know about maintaining a busy lifestyle while continuing to breastfeed, which I can help outline and plan for as well.   

Free Pre-Natal

Before we begin, it is important for an expecting family and myself to meet face-to-face and get to know one another. I believe strongly that trust and honesty must be part of the relationship from the start. That is why, prior to any commitments, I offer a complimentary pre-natal visit and consultation where we discuss what you are expecting, let you know if I can honestly deliver on those expectations, as well as outline what I expect from a family to make sure the months up until and following a birth are positive, healthy, and supportive.