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Join the Team

Join a community-based team created to support 

YOU while you support local families.

Do what you love best: Support Families

and I'll handle the rest.

  • LOVE supporting families but don't love the business and marketing side?

  • Know you have TONS to offer but just not getting the clients yet? 

  • Looking to EXPAND your support services but aren't getting enough inquiries?

  • Desire to leave your 9 to 5 but don't have enough business to support making that CHANGE?
  • Booking some clients but hoping for MORE?  
  • Looking for a COMMUNITY of other birth professionals to support you in your everyday work and life? 

  • Missing the camaraderie of the office culture but still wish to be in charge of your OWN SCHEDULE? 

  • Want to make good money doing the work you LOVE?


...I've got your new business needs covered!

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Join Us Today

...I've got your new business needs covered!

Join a team that is dedicated to community and support for

our birth workers and families alike.​ 


As we tell our clients all the time, take care of yourself

(or be taken care of) so you can nurture your baby.

Similarly, allow us to support you so you can be there for your clients.

​Let New Family Needs support you by handling all the business and marketing details so you can do what you do best, take care of clients. ​


Go to work and come home at the end of your shift and be able to flow right into your personal life. I'll handle all of the details. 

Want to join the team but
you're just getting started?

...I've got your new doula needs covered!

Have you been considering becoming a doula but don't know where to start? 

Did you recently complete your doula training but are not sure what do to next?

Are you overwhelmed by the doula certification requirements?

Are you wondering if you can really make a good living from being a postpartum doula?

Do you feel unprepared to start taking clients of your own? 

Join my Postpartum Doula Mentorship program and

gain the knowledge, skills, and experience you need!

Start taking clients with confidence!

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