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New Family Needs Support Packages

Below are the many packages I offer to meet different needs and budgets of the families with whom I work.

If you would like to explore a different arrangement besides what is listed here, I'm more than happy to discuss. Please reach out to me using the "Contact Me" form located in the footer of each webpage.

Please note, I also offer Virtual Support.

  • Personalized education tailored to you! 

  • Different from traditional group birth/newborn classes - these are focused, private meetings designed to support you 100%! 

  • Can be Virtual or In-Person (where possible).

  • 1 complimentary prenatal consultation

  • Prenatal meetings between about 30-36 weeks of pregnancy

  • 2 two-hour prenatal meetings focusing on labor and birth preparation and/or 2 two-hour prenatal meetings focusing on postpartum preparation (home prep, healing, newborn care, feeding, sleep, etc.)

  • Sign up for just Birth or just Postpartum for $225 each

  • $425 for both (savings of $25 if you book the full package)

  • For those interested in prenatal breastfeeding education, I also offer a One-on-One Breastfeeding Education Package for $225

  • Additional Birth and/or Postpartum Doula support may be added pending availability.

  • *Special Discounted Rate for my New Parent Group*

One-on-One Education 

Birth or Newborn Programs - $225

Special Dual-Program Pricing - $425

Prenatal Newborn Education Course/

New Parent Group Combo


Next Session Starts January 25, 2023

  • Five 90-minute sessions.

  • First half of each meeting dedicated to education. Second half of each meeting dedicated to getting to know one another with time for chatting and asking questions. 

  • Talk about and learn all things postpartum prep, what it's really like, newborn care, the first few days, feeding, sleep, what's normal, newborn development etc.  

  • Includes all supporting materials

  • Offered Hybrid: Virtually and In Person in Needham, MA 

  • 3 Wednesday Evenings and 2 Saturday mornings 

  • Opportunity to meet and get to know other expecting parents, build a support community and make new friends

  • ​Continue into the Postpartum New Parent Group at a Special Discounted Rate 

  • *3 Family minimum to run each session*

Kissng the Newborn
Moms and Babies

Postpartum New Parent Group

$135 per Family 

Winter Group starts Jan. 11

Spring Group Starts March 1

  • WHY: Meet other new parents in the same stage as you and your baby, celebrate this time, and find support through others like you.

  • WHERE: Hybrid: Virtual and In Person (Needham, MA) 

  • WHEN: 6 meetings - Wednesdays 11am-1pm  

  • WHO: Perfect for parents of babies 0-4 months of age and expecting parents with a due date within the 6-week period. ​​Moms, dads, partners, grandparents, parents of all identities welcome! 

  • WHAT: Common topics include: ​

    • Postpartum Recovery - Physical and Emotional​

    • Newborn Characteristics, Reflexes, Communication

    • Breast/Chest and Bottle Feeding

    • Infant Soothing Techniques

    • Baby Wearing

    • Newborn Sleep

    • Lots of time for questions and getting to know each other

  • Meet, Talk, Learn, Connect, and Relax​!

  • Come as you are - everyone at every stage of their day is welcome! 

  • $15 off if you refer a friend who signs up. 

  • *Current Clients get a Special Discounted Rate*

Postpartum Doula Support

$45/Hour Days, Evenings, $50/Hour Overnight

Parents with Newborn Baby
  • 1 complimentary prenatal consultation

  • Daytime 3-5 hour in-home visits 

    • Shifts can start as early as 8am and go as late as 6pm​

  • Evening 3-4 hour in-home visits ​

    • Shifts start after 6pm and end by 9pm​

    • ​Support with the "witching hour", establishing a solid bedtime routine, caring for baby so parents can get some good sleep at the start of the night, etc. ​

  • Weekends upon request when available ($45/hour)

  • Overnights ($50/hour)

    • 9pm-5am shifts​

    • 2-3 nights per week maximum 

    • Preferred locations close to Needham 

  • 30 hour minimum per package 

  • Weekdays during first 12 weeks (or so) postpartum

    • Prefer at least half of contracted hours to be used during first 6 weeks postpartum ​

  • Doula support activities vary depending on client needs​

  • Virtual Support Available and can be mixed with in-person support​

  • Contract 50+ hours of support, and I include a FREE in-person prenatal prep session to help plan for postpartum 

  • *Special Discounted Rate for my New Parent Group*

Mother Baby Bonding
Mother Baby Bonding


Support Package


  • Initial consultation - 2 hours

    • Review history / address any concerns

    • Assess baby's latch and feeding 

    • Create Care Plan with Parents

  • ​One follow-up meeting - 90 minutes

    • Review implementation of Care Plan

    • Address issues & attempt latch and feeding 

    • Make edits to Care Plan

  • Can be in person or virtual

  • Texting and email communication support and resources included

  • *Special Discounted Rate for my New Parent Group*

  • A la Carte offered at $75 per hour

  • For those interested in prenatal education, I offer a One-on-One Breastfeeding Education Package for $225

Cesarean Support Package


Birth Doula Package


  • 1 complimentary prenatal consultation

  • 2 prenatal visits between 32 and 36 weeks of pregnancy

  • On call 24/7 two weeks before & after due date

  • Support during Active Labor through Childbirth

  • 1-2 hours immediate Postpartum care

  • One 2-hour postpartum visit within 2 weeks of birth

  • If you add Postpartum Support  ($40+/hour, 25-hour minimum), Birth Doula Support is $1600

  • *Not Currently Accepting New Birth Clients other than Scheduled Cesareans at this Time*

  • 1 complimentary prenatal consultation

  • 1 prenatal visit between 32 and 36 weeks of pregnancy

  • Support during prep, surgery, post-op recovery, first 2 hours postpartum at the hospital

  • One in-home (virtual if necessary) postpartum visit within 2 weeks of birth

  • *Special Discounted Rate for my New Parent Group*

Additional Information

New Family Needs accepts and supports ALL families of ALL identities.

Also, we understand that life is both fluid and complex, so if there are needs you have that are not specifically addressed above, such as wanting more hours or an odd schedule, let's talk. I'm more than happy to accommodate nuances when possible, and I'll always do my best to understand your situation and help in whatever ways my capacity allows.

Requests for extended periods of postpartum help are not uncommon. While I am happy to accommodate, please note that I often have clients lined up far in advance, and it will be likely that I will not be able to accommodate last minute requests to extend my services. It is for this reason that I suggest new families avoid booking the minimum amount of time, and rather book the amount of time they believe they will need my services.

Support for mind, body, & spirit

Serving families within about 20 miles of Needham, MA, USA

Virtual Support available for any location.