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Welcome to New Family Needs Academy

Your Path to Confidently Grow from Pregnant to Parent

Below are the classes I offer to help prepare you for this amazing transition to

becoming parents (or grandparents) for the first time (or again!). 

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Prenatal Childbirth Masterclass


Next sessions start August 22nd, October 24th


  • Four weekly sessions.

  • Learn all things labor prep, how to know you're in labor, when to go to the hospital, comfort measures, navigating the hospital and your birth, and on and on!  

  • Hybrid - Virtual + In-person

    • 3 meetings offered virtually for your convenience with one meeting in-person in Needham or Medfield for those who can make it (will be available virtually too)

  • 4 Thursday evenings from 6:15-9pm
    • August 22, 29, September 5, 12  
    • October 24, November 1, 7, 14
      • *Note: one session will be on Friday due to Halloween​
  • Includes all supporting materials.
  • Special Combo Rates:

    • ​Combine with a Newborn Masterclass for 20% off.

    • Ultimate Parent Group Masterclass Package

      • 15% off all three - 2 Masterclasses + Postpartum Parent Group

  • 3 family minimum. ​10 family maximum. 

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Prenatal Newborn Masterclass

$369 (Summer in person) $319 (Fall hybrid)

Sessions start June 12, September 19th, November 21

  • Four weekly sessions.

  • Learn all things postpartum prep, what it's really like, newborn care, the first few days, feeding, sleep, what's normal, newborn development etc.  


    • Needham ​


    • Virtual + 1 hands-on/practice session in person in Needham for those who can make it (will be available virtually too)​

  • 4 Evenings per session from 6:15-9pm

    • Wednesdays June 12, 19, 26, July 10
    • Thursdays September 19, 26, October 3, 17
      • Note: Bye week October 10​
    • Thursdays November 21, December 5, 12, 19
      • Note: Bye week November 28 Thanksgiving​
  • Includes all supporting materials.
  • Special Combo Rates:

    • ​Combine with a Childbirth Masterclass for 20% off.

    • Ultimate Parent Group Masterclass Package

      • 15% off all three - 2 Masterclasses + Postpartum Parent Group

  • 3 family minimum. ​​​10 family maximum. 

One-on-One Education 

Birth, Newborn or Breastfeeding Programs - $349

Special Dual-Program Pricing - $558

  • Personalized education tailored to you! Different from traditional group birth/newborn classes - these are focused, private meetings designed to support you 100%! 

  • Virtual or In-Person (where possible).

  • Prenatal meetings between about 30-36 weeks of pregnancy

  • 2 two-hour prenatal meetings focusing on labor and birth preparation and/or 2 two-hour prenatal meetings focusing on postpartum preparation (home prep, healing, newborn care, feeding, sleep, etc.)

  • Sign up for just Birth or just Postpartum for $349 each

  • $558 for both Birth and Newborn (20% savings if you book the full package)

  • For those interested in prenatal breastfeeding education, I also offer a One-on-One Breastfeeding Education Package for $349

  • Special Combo Rates:

  • ​Combine both classes with a Parent Group 

    • Ultimate Parent Group Masterclass Package

    • 12% off all three - 2 Masterclasses + Postpartum Parent Group

Pregnant Woman and Partner
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Ultimate Parent Group

Masterclass Package 


  • Learn all about pregnancy, labor, postpartum and newborns while building a parent support and friend community at the same time.

  • We'll cover ALL the topics starting with pregnancy and going all the way through postpartum​.

  • Enjoy a deep discount for all three offerings by bundling together.

  • In-person Needham, MA, (Virtual when necessary)

  • ​Prenatal classes held weekday evenings.

    • 3 hours across 8 evenings (4 childbirth, 4 postpartum). 

  • Postpartum parent groups held weekday mornings or afternoons.

    • 2 hours across 7 sessions (once per week)​

    • Choose the series that best fits your baby's birthday

  • All supporting educational materials included.

  • Exclusive text or What's App group for each series

  • Plus snacks, always snacks. 

  • Combo package is $749  


Newborn Refresher

October 22, 2024

  • Are you about to become a grandparent, or have you recently welcomed a new grandchild into your life? Grandparenting is a unique and rewarding experience, but it can also come with its own set of questions and challenges, especially in today's world of modern parenting practices.

  • This class is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to be the best support system for your children and grandchildren during this exciting journey, especially in the first few months after baby arrives. We will cover topics like understanding modern parenting, communication and boundaries, ways to support your children as they become parents, newborn care, emotional support, current feeding and sleeping practices, your roles and more!

  • Offered In Person: Needham 

  • One Evening - October 22, 2024

  • Includes all supporting materials.

Playing Music for Baby

Additional Information

New Family Needs accepts and supports ALL families of ALL identities. Also, we understand that life is both fluid and complex, so if there are needs you have that are not specifically addressed above, such as wanting more hours or an odd schedule, let's talk. I'm more than happy to accommodate nuances when possible, and I'll always do my best to understand your situation and help in whatever ways my capacity allows.

Is this your first baby? Experiencing information overload? Not sure where to get accurate, helpful info?

Don't google it, Doula it. 

Grab your "11 Postpartum Realities that No One Talks About" Freebie here.

I've got your new family needs covered.

Serving families in Eastern Massachusetts including greater Boston metro area, Metrowest, North Shore, South Shore, etc. and Rhode Island, USA.

Virtual Support available anywhere.

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