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New Family Needs Freebies and Products

Check out our guides, checklists, to-dos, resources and much more

to help you along your new parenthood journey!

Newborn Sleep


  • Safe sleep guidelines for infants 0-4 months 

  • What to expect with normal newborn sleep  



Newborn Feeding

  • Why breastfeed?

  • Helpful breastfeeding tips

  • How to bottle feed

  • Milk and formula safe storage 



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  • We are taking a Summer break and will have lots of fun events and workshops in the Fall. Some events include:

    • Starting Solids Workshops

    • Baby Sign Language Workshops

    • Baby Wearing Workshops

    • Pelvic Floor Workshops 

    • Farm Sanctuary Tour 

    • Holiday Create Art with your Baby event

    • Baby Clothes Swap and Shop

    • And more!

  • If there is something you'd really like to learn or do, please send me a note! I'd love to hear your feedback and see what we can do!

  • I love to partner with local businesses and other birth/postpartum professionals too. Please reach out to collaborate!

Friends Making a Toast

Additional Information

New Family Needs accepts and supports ALL families of ALL identities.

Also, we understand that life is both fluid and complex, so if there are needs you have that are not specifically addressed above, such as wanting more hours or an odd schedule, let's talk. I'm more than happy to accommodate nuances when possible, and I'll always do my best to understand your situation and help in whatever ways my capacity allows.

Requests for extended periods of postpartum help are not uncommon. While I am happy to accommodate, please note that I often have clients lined up far in advance, and it will be likely that I will not be able to accommodate last minute requests to extend my services. It is for this reason that I suggest new families avoid booking the minimum amount of time, and rather book the amount of time they believe they will need my services.

Support for mind, body, & spirit

Serving families within about 20 miles of Needham, MA, USA

Virtual Support available for any location.

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